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I am Dr. Gail Summerskill, known as Dr S. My career is dedicated to teaching people to start and finish writing--from middle to graduate school, to life long learning. Currently, I teach Communications, Writing, & Personal Branding in a Digital Entrepreneur MBA Program.


My teaching experiences, combined with my PhD from the University of Maryland, MA from Columbia University/Teachers College, BA from Macalester College, and MBA in Digital Entrepreneurship from Strayer University have given me a lifetime of lessons learned to teach you the writing process and growth mindset steps that will make you proud of your writing. 

As a writer, I know how hard and rewarding writing, persistence, and grit are. Helping you say, "Ah ha, now I get it" and feel confident sharing writing you are proud to have written keep me a passionate writing teacher. I am glad you are here. 


When I am not writing and teaching, I am doing triathlons or RV camping, hiking, and kayaking with my husband and our lab. I also travel regularly to California, Colorado, and New York to visit my 3 children, stepson, daugter-in-law, and 2 grandchildren.  


I am Sofie. I am quiet, shy, but full of opinions. I state them when

Dr S tries to improve my writing or get me to do my other work. I am a procrastinator, overthinker, and perfectionist--all in one. I am getting better, and I’m used to her helping me with writing process and growth mindset steps to get me to finish what I start. Yes. I can write. It does make me feel good, although I’m not going to tell her that. Try her steps! You’ll like them!  

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